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Taking a swingThe Springfield Golf Club schedules weekly golfing events for its members at a variety of local golf courses.  All residents of Springfield are eligible to become a member of the Golf Club. Members pay annual dues that includes membership in the Northern California Golf Association.

The Club consists of a board of officers who plan, organize, and hold the weekly golf events as well as an annual Gala and dinner that features prizes for nearly all members.

Happy Golfers Golf events are held nearly every week at over 20 different local courses. Members may conveniently sign up for or cancel any event on our golf website. Once a month we play golf at our local course, Whitney Oaks. But, with so many fine, inexpensive golf courses throughout the Sacramento/Rocklin area, the members like the option to play a wide variety of courses.

Keeping score Some of our events are tournaments with the winning scores based upon the player's handicaps. So everyone has a chance to win.  But most events are just "fun" golf with no one taking it too seriously.  In fact, the membership of the club is made up of golfers of all calibers. So whether you are a high handicap player or a scratch golfer, you are welcome to join us, have fun and meet other golfing residents of Springfield.

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